Haile Selassie I

In the Rastafarian faith, Haile Selassie is viewed in the manifestation of a deity by many Rasta's. It was through the vision of Marcus Garvey, it was he who coined the phrase, "Afrika for the Afrikans, at home and abroad". Marcus Garvey also made another reference to the continent, when he said look to Afrika for a Black King and "let us see God through our own spectacles". Furthermore he also emphasized the term, "Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hands".

Another prominent figure in the Rastafarian Movement is that of the teachings of Leonard Howell, relating to the Rastafarian ideology, it is through these influences which enabled this way of life, to really take root in Jamaica.This was able to gather support from some of the residents on the island, therefore with this participation it was now possible for it to come to fruition, especially since his coronation in 1930, this cultural force gathered momentum when Haile Selassie visited Jamaican in 1966.