Hale & Altrincham Mums (& Dads)

Thank you for your interest in this very busy group.

Before asking to join please read the below; once you have been accepted as a member please read the pinned post before submitting any posts.

This group is for people in Hale & Altrincham (and surrounding areas) to buy and sell BABY, CHILD and MATERNITY items - it’s not for general sales or for businesses to sell new items. You can sell furniture but ONLY if it is specifically baby/child related e.g. from Mothercare/ Mamas and Papas.

There is no business advertising allowed. If you want to sell a general item please join the Hale & Altrincham General group. If you want to post a social item or ask for advice please use the Sale, Timperley and Altrincham Social Group. If you want a recommendation for a builder/plumber etc please use the Alti Recommends Group.

All posts in this group require admin approval before they appear on the feed.