Harford County Manly-Man Online Yard Sale

UPDATED 10/9/2015 to reflect new rules.

Effective Immediately ...- I will delete posts WITHOUT WARNING that do not fit into the theme of this site. Repeat offenders will be removed as well. If you have to wonder if your item is Manly enough to be on this site - DO NOT POST IT! I do not have time to message you and apologize to you for asking you to remove a post that should not be here in the first place. If this bothers you, please leave the group.

This is the place to sell things that MEN would use, not stuff that men buy for their wives and kids.

Here are the rules out of the gate:

#1 - THIS SITE IS RATED G! If my children can't look over my shoulder while I'm viewing the site, then there's a problem. KEEP your language in check. I do not feel like reading cuss words. If you are unable to express yourself without cussing, start your own group and stop posting in mine.

#2 STOP BUMPING SO MUCH! The group is relatively small. You don't need to bump more than every 4 or 5 days. After a few weeks, if the item hasn't sold, consider redoing the ad instead of continuing to bump the same ad over and over.

#3 The only restrictions to what can be offered for sale are: The item must be legal to own or sell. No bootlegs, rip-offs, counterfeits, etc. Also, see rule #1. And it must be MANLY!

#4 You do not have to sell to the first person that replies. It is your item - You sell to who you want to sell to. Keep the DRAMA off the board.

#4a - This is NOT a discussion forum. If the seller is asking for an offer, then make the offer. If they decline, then leave them alone. You do not have the right to hijack their post and determine what you think they should sell their item for.

#5 - This is not a chat room - List something for sale, but do not start a conversation.

#6 - Sell MANLY stuff!! Like: Tools, Trucks, Weights, ...

#7 - Be safe!! Do NOT post personal information that you don't want everyone in the group to see. Use the Private Message feature for that.

#8 - Wanted Ads MUST be on-topic (Manly)

#9 If you are posting for ANY type of home improvement or contracting, you MUST include your MHIC License number in the original post. If you do not, your post will be deleted. If you continue to post, you will be removed from the group. Your license and insurance MUST be valid and up-to-date. If you are responding to someone's post that is looking for work to be performed, you do not need to include an MHIC number in the reply. It is up to the interested party to do their research and due diligence.

#10 - Regarding GUNS, sellers and buyers must comply with all applicable laws, including conducting a background check where required.

NO DRAMA - Keep it FUN!! Any drama, and you get the BOOT!