Hays Swap Meet - Adult Clothing

Have some adult clothing to sell? Looking for something specific? Post your items for sale/items wanted here at Hays Swap Meet - Adult Clothing!

By joining Hays Swap Meet - Adult Clothing, you agree that you have read & will abide by all our rules. Violators will be BANNED IMMEDIATELY, without warning.

*All users must act in a respectable manner, and will refrain from disrespecting the page or admins.

*Hays Swap Meet is for people in Hays, KS or surrounding communities that travel to Hays frequently. If you do not live in Hays OR travel to Hays, please do not join. If you live outside Hays City limits but within Ellis County, your location must be listed on post. If you live outside Ellis county, you MUST be willing to bring to Hays.

*Hays Swap Meet is for adults only.

*Hays Swap Meet is for non-commercial posts. Due to the overwhelming presence of home-based businesses, diet pill sales reps, etc, posts of this nature will not be allowed. If you are making items specifically to sell, thats considered a business. This includes weight loss products and supplements.

*Animal posts aren't allowed (unless they are FREE) & considered "commercial" posts. This include any type of animal, cats/dogs/snakes etc. You may post animal supplies & items that include FREE animals with them.

*No real estate posts of any kind. However you MAY post ISO items.

* Please don't post community events, fundraisers, or FYI's.

*No bidding wars allowed. All items must have prices listed.

*Please be a fair seller. The first person to post on your item should have first choice to purchase, regardless of who they are. If they do not follow through, the next person who posted should be contacted next.

*Once you have bought/sold your item, PLEASE delete your post to keep our pages tidy.

*NO POSTING LINKS from other pages.

*A MAX of 10 posts per day please to avoid page overload. 'Bump' your post a maximum of once per 24 hours.

*Multiple postings for the same item will be deleted.

*All kids clothing and items should be posted on Hays Swap Meet - Kids Stuff. All FREE items should be posted on Hays Swap Meet-FREE Stuff. All other items need to go on the Hays Swap Meet page!

*Hays Swap Admins are not responsible for anything that happens during the exchange of any items sold on this page. Be safe, meet in a public place!