Helping Neighbors FW

This is a FREE SITE! We are Helping Neighbors. Thank you for being a part of a life changing movement. We collect donations from the community and give them back to community in need. There are no requirements to receive items. We ask that everyone is fair and don't sell anything that is received from another Helping Neighbor member. When you become a member, you can post if you are in need or if you have something to donate. If something inappropriate is posted, kindly tag one of the Admins and we will take care of the problem. We ask that everyone treats each other with respect. This is a loving community of neighbors. It is amazing what we have accomplished so far. Thank you again for taking time to help your neighbors!

~~Requesting Donations~~
A person may make a request ONCE a week. Please don't ask for the whole kitchen and the sink. We are here to help with needs, not provide for your home. With all of that being said, please only ask to receive from another person ONCE a week as well. There have been too many of the same people are asking and receiving every day. If anyone is unclear on the rules, please contact an admin.

Thank you for considering our group to donate items your neighbors could use. We accept clothing (no underwear), baby items, toys, furniture, and pretty much anything else. We appreciate the community coming together to help one another!


We do NOT have control of posts made by members. However, once we see something inappropriate, we will remove it!

~~When two Helping Neighbors members make an agreement to give or receive~~Meet in a public place.Be Safe. We are all adults and should know how to BE SAFE!


~~If you comment that you need something that someone is offering, you must follow through with conversation, leading to pick-up of said item~~

~~It is up to the GIVER how long they will wait for the first person to RECEIVE. If the GIVER posts a time limit, then you must respect
their wishes!!~~

~~If the RECEIVER does not follow through with pick-up OR does not respond in a timely manner, the GIVER may move on to the next person~~

IF anyone is caught being rude on our HELPING NEIGHBORS page, we have the right to remove you!!

~~Be Careful!!~~
We Do NOT deal with money in any way....we do not give out money donations or sell items here.IT IS ALL FREE!!! Whether you can donate or looking for help.If these rules are not followed, you will be blocked.Also please do not be rude or offensive in any way. We will do our best to help you out. We cannot promise that we will have what you are looking for.

Thank you and if you have any questions please message one of the admins.

Laura Bunting
Melissa Greenwood
Ronnica Hoskins
Joann Bryson-kane

Personal messages for specific items are preferred as it helps us track things better.

Thanks again for helping and for joining our group!