Helping Hands Sharing Happy

Helping Hands Sharing Happy Sydney

Welcome to Helping Hands Sharing Happy Sydney. Our goal is to help low income families in need of food, clothing and furniture. We rely on donations to get help where it’s needed. If you have any of these items that are in good condition please feel free to share it on our page or contact our team if you need further assistance.


· Talia B Knowles

· Nata Vaea- General Enquiries/ Business Promotions

· Lawrence Rapana-Events Management

· Ayvvz Akone- Food, Furniture, Clothing Assistance

· Lil’Lea- Complaints/Feedback


*To receive help, you MUST be a member of our page.

*Everything donated must be free and in good condition.

*Leftover food or opened food is NOT permitted

*First in first serve does NOT apply.

*Next in line does NOT apply.

*Pets are NOT permitted

*The word "Sold" Is NOT permitted

*Member donating items can choose freely who their item goes to. Admin can assist if needed.

*Do NOT take items to resell on another page. You will be removed.

*No asking on behalf of others. Please contact our Admin Team.

*No selling. Everything given is free.

*No alcohol, underwear or sexual items permitted.

*No posting, private messaging, or asking members for financial assistance of any kind.

*No private messages directly to members donating items WITHOUT commenting on their post first. You will not be considered.

*No swearing, negativity, sexual content of any kind.

*Bullying of any kind will NOT be tolerated. You will be removed

*Please use your manners

* If you don’t want an item, are running late, need to reschedule please contact the member you have made arrangements with and let them know ASAP. If you don’t, you may be removed.

*Please remember to pay it forward when you can.


*Please be careful when giving your personal details. As nice as everyone is on this site, remember they are also strangers.

*Be mindful of your children. Do not leave them alone with items for others to pick up.

*Make sure you are not alone when arranging to meet. Or keep friends and family updated.

*We suggest you meet near your home or in an open public area when exchanging goods. Again have a friend around if if you give out your address.

*When picking up big items such as furniture, we encourage you to inspect before taking it home.


*Helping Hands Sharing Happy accepts no responsibility for your own personal safety.

*Helping Hands Sharing Happy are not responsible for any money that may be exchanged on the page as we promote a free page.

*Helping Hands Sharing Happy are not responsible for any damaged or faulty goods.

*Helping Hands Sharing Happy accepts no responsibility for food that is consumed from this site.

Accepting our membership indicates that you agree to and understand our page Rules, Safety Guidelines and Disclaimer. Feel free to leave our group if you disagree. ZERO TOLERANCE