Here We 'Roe Again - A Pop-Up Everyday

Welcome to Here We 'Roe Again. There will be a pop-up hosted her...e everyday!!! We will have a new consultant each day.

Misty Jacobs is the admin of this group. If you need anything or have any questions please reach out to me. Please keep in mind that I am not a consultant. I work closely with each consultant to give you the best shopping experience possible. However, each consultant runs her business differently.

There are a few rules that need to be followed at all times.

1) To claim an item comment SOLD only. Do not include your email address. This is to protect you. There is a google form to fill out when you are done shopping. If you have a question about an item be sure to comment SOLD PENDING QUESTION. The first person to comment sold will get the item.

2) Please pay your invoice within 12 hours. If you have changed your mind please contact the consultant as soon as possible so she can move on to the next buyer.

3) We do not allow ISO at this time. Please do not post them anywhere in the group. The only person that should be selling in this group is the consultant for that day. No posting links anywhere in the group. No advertising other groups.

4) This is a place for fun shopping. Please NO DRAMA. If you are rude to anyone in this group you will be removed. Let's all be nice! See More