Home Based Business Builders

Anyone that is running, building, or thinking of starting a home...-based business is welcome here. We will be sharing the challenges and what is working and/or not working for our businesses, for advertising, for motivation, etc.

This is a page to offer VALUE to all of us, not to try to get new customers for MLM companies or any other services you might offer. You are welcome to put a link for your business if you want to in your posts, but please don't try to recruit here or ask us to watch your video, like your page,
etc. Your post will be deleted.

If you actually offer value to the group, others will want to get to know you and you can talk about your business opportunities to them outside of the group. As admin of the group, I will be following the same rules.

Let's keep this page generic, fun, and helpful to all of us. I look forward to a great group that has the mindset of abundance and that if you help someone else, it will come back to you! Let's Rock It! ;-)