Hot Sauce Collectors

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For the love & admiration of hot sauce!... Welcome to a drama-free place where hot sauce "fanatics" from around the world can come together to list COLLECTIBLE and/or "limited edition" bottles of hot sauce for trade or sale, post images of collectibles & collections, videos, reviews, voice opinions on collectible sauces, etc. Get in on the "ground floor" and get the inside scoop on the most coveted products in the industry!
>< With the group becoming larger, the time has come to set up and uphold certain guidelines to maintain the intended purpose of this group. Please observe these few, simple guidelines so we may all enjoy the group. If you choose not to, you will be warned and the offending post will be removed. If a 2nd offense occurs or if after a warning of these guidelines you don't comply, you will be removed from the group to better the experience of the remaining members.
1. Posting of your collecting experiences and videos of collections and/or collectibles, and/or pictures of hard-to-find or collectible bottles, deliveries, and other related posts regarding COLLECTING hot sauce & COLLECTIBLES is always encouraged. Please keep in mind that this group is about collecting. Discussions concerning the consumption & eating of hot sauce are considered "off-topic" & are better suited for other groups. Please feel free to post any questions regarding collecting and/or advice on collecting hot sauce. Post your pictures of collectibles & hard to find or limited edition sauces. The objective is to increase our community's knowledge of collectible hot sauce by using links to websites, and developing as a vast source of information, capable of aiding collectors of all levels. It is the goal of my administrative capacity to ensure this an enjoyable experience for all group members. Hopefully the group can become a great resource and asset to the hot sauce collecting community.
2. Please make use of the "Files" & "Photos" tabs at the top of the page. If posting pictures, please limit posts to a maximum of 3 & don't "flood the group". If you have more, please create an album with an appropriate subject to be polite to others posting by using the photos tab, as referenced above. You may be contacted and asked if you would please consolidate pictures. Please be polite to others!
3. Remember this is *not* a soap opera. Bullying, name-calling, or any other drama will not be tolerated in this group. While not completely restrictive, it is asked that "good taste" is considered when posting. If a post is determined to be offensive, inappropriate, off-topic &/or not related to sauce COLLECTING, it will be removed and you will be given a warning. There are other groups for such posts. We want this site to remain focused on the wonderful world of hot sauce collecting.
4. NO SPAM!!!! NO SPAM!!!!! NO SPAM!!!!!
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Enjoy the group & STAY SPICY! 8)