Hungary Exchange

The goal of Hungary Exchange is to help anyone who needs assistance with their Hungarian genealogy research. By sharing information and working together, we can all tackle our genealogical obstacles, brick-walls and find more information for our Hungarian family trees. If you would like to share or contribute records and documents, please contact me at

Off-topics threads are generally not allowed, although exceptions may occur. There will be one warning and anything further will result in the thread deleted. Exceptions may occur during holidays, etc., but please use moderation and keep things professional.

Cursing and foul language is not allowed within the group. Be polite and use the same respectful language you would have used with your grandmother in church.

Spam and solicitations outside of the Hungary Exchange is not tolerated within this group. This serves as the only warning and your post will be deleted immediately. Depending on the content of your post, you may also be banned from the group.

Anyone seeking professional help with researching their family tree may email me, the creator and owner of Hungary Exchange, at