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1. To share accurate and unbiased information and debunk myths about cesarean sections.

The predominant view of cesarean sections is that they are safe and not a big deal. This group aims to dispel that myth, and create awareness about how c-sections are a major surgery and have numerous risks for mother and baby. C-section rates throughout the world are higher than they've ever been in human history and these high rates are actually more dangerous for mother and baby.

2. To provide support for moms wishing to have a Vaginal Birth After Cesaran (VBAC).


1. Strictly no fear-mongering - Please do not post horror birth stories of yours or anyone you know.

2. Please keep this group for information sharing and mutual support.

3. It is very important to keep the mood and outlook positive. Yes, facts speak for themselves, but also it has been scientifically proven that a positive outlook breeds a positive outcome. This is very important for moms looking to VBAC.