I love the way you love me of singles...!! (♥♥lLTWYLMOS♥♥)

Welcome new members and old members...!!guys be a little bit.res...pect in our group
Here our rules i love the way you love me of singles( ♥♥♥ ILTWYKMOS♥♥♥)
** No nude photos
** post and comments in english language only allow
** be respectful of other members specially our official admins in our group
** wearing two piece,swim suit or trunk is not allowed
** 18 years and above are allowed
** dont rude or bad comments will get you banned no warning just banned
** dont sending nude photo to girls members unless she allowed you to send in her private inbox
** fake are not allowed,admins can ask a proof at anytime that you are real
** not active menbers can be removed in every moment
** if you have any problems in here, please feel free to talk to our admins & they will try to help you.
** dont post link for advertisingbusinesspurposes,group,promotio,competion,pages, if you break the the rules you will banned automatically,if you are not here happy here you free to leave,we are all here to enjoy and have fun stay active with us and god bless to all..