I Let The Dogs Out - California

The success and survival of this group depends upon peo...ple sharing to it AND from it. The animals don't benefit from being posted to a page or group where their photos and stories just sit there on display.

Therefore, I ask that you not only post here, but do a little sharing from here as well. If it comes to my attention that you have been COMPLETELY inactive in sharing, I will remove you from the group. If the group has only 30 members who participate and share, that is preferable to 1,800 who never participate. It's the quality and passion of the members, (however few) that make it a success; not the quantity.

Any posts of dogs or cats from states other than California will be deleted. Any ads for merchandise or sale of animals will be deleted, and please, no posting of petitions, personal fundraisers, or personal statements. They will be deleted also. Remember that this group is about the animals, so please, no foul language, negative comments, or judgments about one another.

I also do not allow pledging in comments. Due to some disreputable rescues saving animals that are networked simply to collect pledge money, I WILL DELETE ALL COMMENTS CONTAINING PLEDGES. If an animal is rescued, I or the rescue will post the name of the rescue and/or PayPal instructions here or on the animal's thread so that you can donate if you wish to at that time.