ISRO: Indian Space Research Organisation

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Driven by inquisitiveness, Mankind’s quest for the heavens has propelled the human civilization to greater echelons of cognizance.
India started her pursuit of space science and technology with the humble objectives of taking the benefits of cutting edge technology to the common man. Thoroughly convinced about the enormous potential of space technology for national development, the founding fathers of this organization took a big leap and catapulted India into the niche club of space fairing nations; thus was born the Indian Space Research organization.
Over the last five decades, this fraternity of space scientists and Engineers has been steadfast in their unshakeable resolve of leaving no stones unturned in the application of advanced technologies to the real problems of man and society.

ISRO has over the last 50 years developed the IRS (Indian Remote sensing) and INSAT (Indian National Satellite System) series of satellites for meeting the demands for remote sensing and communication needs of the country. The more recent achievements of orbiting and studying the Moon and also heading towards Mars are indelibly etched into the minds of the young and old, learned and laymen across the warp and weft of our country and the world.
Starting with the Nike Apache that soared into the skies on 21st November 1963, over the last half a century, ISRO, as a good learning organization, has taken its lessons in rocketry and fortified its space launch capabilities with the development of SLV (Satellite Launch Vehicle), ASLV (Augmented Satellite Launch vehicle) and the present workhorse PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle). The success of GSLV D5 with indigenous cryogenic engine is a testimony to the maturity of launch vehicle technology in India . Another heavy lift booster, the GSLV-Mk III (GSLV Mark 3) is also in an advanced stage of development and this gigantic satellite launch vehicle will further augment our launch capabilities.

We have set ourselves an ambitious target of executing 60 missions in the current five year plan. There’ll be PSLV, GSLV and GSLV- Mk III missions as well as the constellation of seven navigational satellites, a number of communication, remote sensing and scientific satellites – unfurling newer horizons of capabilities and a host of applications. And of course we’ll have the Chandrayaan-2 mission with enhanced content as well.

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