India Navodayan University - INU !!

A pursuit to make a World Class University with the help of Navo...dayans and like-minded people who are always interested to give bacK to the Society!!
Navodaya - Not a word but A WORLD for all the Navodayans as we studied, learn, un-learn, pampered and enjoyed our Golden Phase of our life with our friends, teachers, academic staffs, mess staff and off course with Principal and all the supporting staffs who contributed in their own way to shape our future and life. A close knit family home away from home.
What a silent revolution started by our esteemed Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi – through the National Policy of Education -1986. It was a unique experiment unparalleled in the school education of India and world. A seed sown grown with the time and became a giant tree and served its objective of excellence, coupled with equality, just and social justice. Now the beneficiaries of this excellent and successful revolution are across the world and contributing to the Family, Society, Nation and Global Brethren.

Similar way a seed of silent revolution was sown 2 years ago by some Navodaya Vidayalaya Enthusiasts with an aim to “Give bacK to Society” to create a World Class University “BY THE NAVODAYAN, FOR THE NAVODAYAN -FOR THE SOCIETY”. Dream is big, Cause is bigger and Social Cause is invaluable. Let’s join together our hands for the greater cause of the Society and serve to those who are marginalized, weak and vulnerable. Let’s give it BacK - We owe to our nation. Let’s return it in our own small way. After all we Navodayans are Navodayans!!