Indianola Buy/Sale/Trade Group

Welcome to the Indianola Buy/Sale/Trade Group. This is the 'original' site, and continues to be a great place to list things you want to buy, sell, trade or give away. Everyone seems to enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of great deals from your local neighbors. We're happy to continue volunteering our time to provide this service to you.

First and foremost, common sense applies. Failure to follow the guidelines, will result in you being removed. This is not the place for drama, please refrain. Please be courteous, friendly and honest (remember you live close to these people).

v3, effective 8-1-2013

•This group is intended for the INDIANOLA AREA. As most communities now have a local Swap group we are now limiting our group to INDIANOLA and immediate (10 minutes) surrounding communities within WARREN COUNTY only. Current members who are outside of this new defined area are welcome to continue to utilize our group as long as you are willing to come to Indianola to pick up/deliver items at the buyer's request. Indicating your location in your post would be helpful and appreciated. If you list items for someone, these guidelines also apply to them.