InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver Society

The InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver Society (ISC) is a networ...k of diverse spiritual and/or religious organizations that share common values and work together as partners for the spiritual health of persons, communities and the Earth. The ISC seeks to further global peace and inner peace by acknowledging the oneness of the natural world and humankind, and by honouring the richness of diversity.

The work of the ISC begins with shared recognition that Earth is the primary "shared sacred space" of all creatures.

The board, member-groups and friends of the InterSpiritual Centre see the whole Vancouver region as a "shared sacred space", where the healthy spirituality of diverse communities and individuals contributes to a thriving, learning, society.

We seek to realize this vision by modelling social and ecological harmony as we cultivate inner growth and mutual caring. In all we do, we seek to nurture respect and generosity -- and compassionate conduct in the presence of differences.

The ISC has also sustained its original vision of developing a physical "shared sacred space" that is a focus for intercultural spiritual practices, celebrations, teaching, activities and community-building in Vancouver.

In keeping with this vision, the ISC has in recent years focussed on strengthening interspiritual presence in the city, working with member-groups and like-minded organizations to promote opportunities for learning and sharing, and for working side by side on shared goals.

Moving toward this future, the ISC was blessed to share the physical sacred space of the Vancouver Unitarians for several years. More recently, the society has been invited to share a very new sacred space with the Shree Mahalakshmi Temple, starting sometime in the Spring of 2016 when the renovation of their facilities is complete.