International Survival and Bushcraft

ISAB is a group where information and tips about all forms of Su...rvival, Bushkraft and Adventure Training (Arctic, Desert, Jungel, Urban, Hostile Enviroment, NBC, First Aid, etc.), S and B litrature, DVD/training films and information about Survival and Bushkraft courses can be shared.
Survival firms (World Wide) are welcome to advertise there courses and products here!

Anyone who wants to join this group will likely receive a message like this;

Hi, this is the admin for International Survival and Bushcraft group on Facebook. I got your request to join. Please tell me about your experiences of Survival, Bushcraft and Wilderness. Best is to share some photos with me of you doing the activity. Then I will consider your request. Thanks

Do NOT request to join if you just want to sell something.
Do NOT add your friend who just wants to sell something

ALSO - For those of you who post nothing but sales pitches. If you post 3 sales pitches in a row without any other kind of post you may be removed without warning. You need to be contributing to the group or you WILL be leaving.


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