Investors Network of Colorado (INC)

Investors Network of Colorado (INC)
INC fosters investor... success by maximizing investments while managing risks, through collaboration and a commitment to integrity.

INC is a group of real estate investors that meets monthly to network, share expertise, exchange resources, and provide accountability mechanisms to stay on track with members’ investment goals.
Unique to this group, INC provides:
1. Additional educational forums by team members, and
2. A structure for members to work collaboratively in teams to accomplish profitable deals

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to post on our INC Facebook group. Please keep all posts Real Estate related: your real estate deals, needs, recommendations on services, useful tools or apps, upcoming events and anything else Real Estate related. However, we also ask that you do not use the site to repeatedly advertise your business. Please reserve that for your own website, and use this site for individual postings.

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DISCLAIMER: This group offers a forum for investors to come together for the purpose of sharing resources and information. This site may provide prospective real estate investment opportunities for members. These deals have not been screened or approved. Members’ documents have not been verified or authenticated. All due diligence is the responsibility of the individual purchasing the investment. Interactions between members are not to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content, nor an offer to sell and/or buy securities and or properties by this group. Members are advised to seek advice from licensed professional before completing all investment transactions. Have fun, make connections and build a prosperous future.