You know you're from Islamabad when...

You know you're from Islamabad when...
1) you go everywhere for a vacation but you'd still rather stay in Islamabad
2) you think you're better than everyone else in the country because you're cleaner
3) you think that going from f-6 to f-11 is really far because it takes 20 mins
4) you think that its really far yet you make the journey as many times as needed everyday
5) traffic jams rarely mean something to you
6) you open the window of your car without fear of fumes
7) you know that rawalpindi and islamabad are not the same city...or even vaguely related
8) your main gate is never closed and your main door is rarely locked
9) you look at margalla hills and know that you arent lost
10) you forget how clean your city is until someone from lahore or Karachi comes and points it out
11) you forget how green your city is until someone from lahore or karachi comes and points it out
12) you meet a random stranger and you find common friends within 5 minutes
13) you can't go anywhere without meeting someone you know
14) you know everyone your age and their histories
15) the guys at shaheen, shams, united bakery, mc donalds and other random stores know you by face
16) you've been to all the restaurants in islamabad and know most of their menus by heart especially papasallis where u decide what u want to eat before you actually get there
17) you go to pir sohawa all the time and you never get bored
18) you get all your shampoos/cosmetics from shaheen/moeens/d. watson
19) you jumped up and down the day pizza hut/kfc/mc donalds opened in your city
20) you used to go to marriot more than once a month for no apparent reason
21) you have islamabad club membership and die of shock when you find someone who doesnt
22) you think you're better than that someone who doesnt have islamabad club memebership
23) you go to karachi and you think it smells fishy
24) you go to lahore and you think its way too hot
25) you buy all your stationary from durrani
26) you've been to margalla motel to give your papers
27) you whine when you find out that margalla motel is not your centre
28) you buy all your movies/cds/gift items from haroons and illusions
29) you know they rip you off and you complain every time but you still end up going there
30) you know all the places and what kinda people go there at what time
31) you have a friend/relative in almost every street of islamabad
32) you think its perfectly normal to have a 4 km park in the middle of the city
33) you see the same cars every morning when going to school/work
34) you practically live in jinnah
35) you practically live for the 'gandey' waley chips from jinnah and dont like any other chips no matter how good they are
36) you've attended atleast one class in asas/kp
37) you were born and bred in this city and sometimes hate it but would never insult it publicaly
38) you would go to munchies for chaat/gol gappas/ other things and loved it because it was the best in town
39) you use to go to yummy 36 for ice cream because that was the only ice cream parlour in town
40) you ditched yummy 36 for hot spot when it opened up because it served amazing ice cream
41) you still love hot spot eventhough you dont like the people who go there
42) you're proud of the fact that hot spot opened in islamabad first then in lahore and karachi
43) you know how and when hot spot opened
44) you hated it when it shifted to king's arcade for a little while
45) you go to hot shots for bowling
46) you used to go to sogo 2000 for burgers because that was the only burger joint in the city and have celebrated many birthdays there
47) two words: Japanese park
48) you remember going to covered market (before it was demolished) and the seat in the centre of the market
49) you remember black beard, before it was renamed captain cook, and heaven's fast food
50) you've been to faisal masjid more than once for a field trip
51) you used to get all your movies and cassettes from radio city and you used to rent your movies from videocon/sunny videos
52) you've watched many movies including titianic in nafdec and are actually sad it was closed
53) you discussed the burning down of the melody cinema for many days and were very angry at the people who did it
54) you didnt like the fact that they cleared one of the most beautiful green belts in islmabad to make the 7th avenue
55) you wish it would go back to being the 'old' islamabad and you still talk abt the old days with your friends
56) you know for a fact that sam burger was and is the best burger place that ever existed.
57)You know ur from Islamabad when u still refer to it as Margalla Road and not Khayaban-e-Something

"If you want to learn etiquette, learn it from the Islamabadis."
This was said by the Indian High Commissioner based in Pakistan and was quoted in a beautiful article written by an Indian journalist.
I thought it was important that I highlight this fact=)

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