Island School, Hong Kong 1960's and 70's

WELCOME This Group is for any Islanders who attended or staffed Island School during the 1960's and 70's. It is a closed Group, so only members may post or see comments. Feel free to post your photo's, share memories and ask questions. Please tag people whenever you see a face without a name. See below for instructions on Tagging.

GUIDELINES The following are a few guidelines for using this Group: I am not entirely conversant with the mysterious workings of Facebook, so please send a note to the Group Administrator or directly to me, Godfrey Nash, if you have any suggestions or corrections.

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If the above tagging process does not work, it may be it is because if one posts from their own Facebook page then it cannot be tagged by someone who is not your "Friend." The work-around for that is to post the "original" image file from your computer, not from your Facebook page.

OPINIONS AND JUDGEMENTS My want for people here is to be able to express their opinions and perspectives. However, please do not judge others, either positively or negatively. Remember that judgments say more about the person delivering them than the target. Share your experience but take ownership of how you felt or reacted rather than giving your opinion of that person. Any questions, please ask me.