Israelis in Bergen County, NJ

This is the spot to post Everything from weekend trip ideas, recipes, house searches & Jewish or Israeli community affairs...

This is a closed group for Israeli families living in Bergen County.
We will confirm Join Requests to the group through a private message or if we see the person already has several friends in the group. We will NOT add random people. This is mainly for safety reasons. Thank you for understanding!
We reserve the right to revoke any membership with or without notice if we feel the member is not a positive contribution to the group.
To preserve the privacy of our members, we will not add business pages as members in the group.

You are welcome to advertise your local business to the group, however ads are permitted on **Monday only**. This is to prevent the group from becoming an ad board and spamming our members.

**The creators and administrators of this group have no legal and/or any other responsibility to the posts made in this group by its members, nor do we bear any liability or responsibility to any consequence or action by the parties posting in this group**