J2! CoNetWork

Meeting face-to-face is not always easy or possible, so this is ...an online space to support anyone that has taken part in/has an interest in - 'Jelly' events in France. It's a place where you can post ideas and topics most relevant to you and connect with other people in business.

J2 is for people that like to contribute, collaborate and get involved. If you have business reviews, ideas, questions or concerns - you are welcome to share them here.

We are a friendly lot and like to help each other out, work together or cross-promote wherever possible

Social media sharing is important to us all, so we will have weekdays dedicated to special topics, giving you the chance to mention and promote your business in various different ways both in and outside of this group!

There are a 6 basic group rules just in case of any doubt ...

- please join using your personal facebook profile [ie your real name]
- if you would like to organise J2 events closer to you or join as an admin just ask!
- abuse or personal insults of any kind will not be tolerated
- when posting photos or artwork that you do not own please be mindful of copyright restrictions
- blatant advertising is allowed ONLY AT WEEKENDS. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the week to discuss your business in other ways
- make the most of the group! It will only be as positive and supportive as the people that take part!