JMMedia/ Patriots Unfltered/ Uncensored


I would like to extend a warm southern smile and gracious hand to all the new members flowing through the door here like a ragin' summer storm!
As we say in the South, "Yall do come on in and make yourself right at home."

I created this Private Group for CONSERVATIVES to engage in civilized intelligent discourse, minus the bashing by liberals, fools, and trolls.

It is our intention to do everything possible to keep idiots out of this group which is why I have it set to private. This is meant to be a comfy conservative hangout where we can meet other conservatives, share info, network and not have our posts deleted or hidden in the newsfeed. (hence the reason for the name, "unfiltered-uncensored".)....

If you see any trolls in this group harrassing Conservatives in the thread, here is a list of the admins for this group... At least one of us should be on line and available to ban and block pretty quickly ...
If you see someone on this page that needs blocking, click on one of the names below... and shoot them a private message with a ban or block request ...
JMMedia/Patriots Unfiltered/Uncensored Admins:

1) Jan Morgan
2) Todd Griffith
3) Barry Kaplan
4) Anthony Wynn

In the south, we like to nip the issues in the bud so to speak, before they become full blown brawls...
With that in mind.. and ...

Posting in this group must be TRUTH driven. No Conspiracy Theories.... Racist photos/posts, no threats or even implied physical threats against the President or any other political figure will be allowed here.

I will not tolerate people in this group disrespecting each other by juvenile name calling and stating erroneous information as if it is factual. This discredits the group page.
Common social graces and manners are not to be left at the door when you walk in here... This is not the local bar or pool hall...
Consider it more like a Tea Party at a fine Southern Mansion. Only Ladies and Gentlemen will fit in here...

Just fyi-
Profanity and vulgarity are not welcome here... If you have made comments and noticed them deleted, this is the reason.

First- In case you have not noticed, there are ladies present. I was raised in the south by women who demand the men in their presence treat them like the "ladies" they are. There are many women on my walls who are "ladies".

Second- I am trying to raise the level of discourse and exchange of ideas here. I will not allow profanity and vulgarity to detract from the discourse.

Call me old fashoned but my grandmother always said: “Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.” I like to steer clear of feeble brains.. :)....- © 2013 JAN MORGAN