Jaipur Startups

Jaipur Startups is an official start-up community. It is an open... group for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs, where we organise interactive sessions and meet-ups to help them learn and grow. This is an initiative to connect our own pink city to the StartUp wave and to help budding and existing entrepreneurs in all possible ways.

We plan to become a community where people brainstorm their idea, seek help to remove road blocks, share articles, sort feedbacks and if possible get early adopters for their startups.

Self Moderation:

We encourage self moderation. What does this mean? This means, ask yourself a question. Is it relevant for the majority of the users? If not, do not post here.

Any post aimed at promotion of their products/services will be deleted and the person will be removed from the group. This is not a place to market your services or product.