Jackson Michigan Neighbors Watch Group

The following is a list of "codes" you may hear Following to thi...s Group..

This Group Covers County Police/Sheriff/Fire/Rescue/EMS & Community Events-News

No Names/Pictures or Actual Addresses! Have some Respect for Victims & Subjects Privacy ;)

This Group is PG-13. Stay on Topic here. You can open an IM Chat Window to Exchange Questions/Details ;)

I highly recommend you Post MEANINGFUL Info when Participating.

Before asking questions on a Incident, Look thru our Posts and/or check your Scanner/App, we might have already covered it ;)
10-9 = Misdemeanor Warrant
10-10 = Felony Warrant
10-11 = Alarm (I.E. Burglary alarm, fire alarm)
10-12 = Scanner in Use at location or by suspect
10-13 = Subject is mentally unstable.
83 = Report Writing
Air is Held | Released = Dispatch asks for no Transmission for Safety till Unit Opens it Again
BOL = Be on the Lookout
Code = Patient in Severe Distress
Code Orange = Taser Deployed
CPS=Child Protective Services
CSC= Criminal Sexual Contact
DNR = Do Not Resuscitate
DOA = Dead on Arrival
FOC = Friend of the Court
GOA = Gone on Arrival
H = Code used when referring to 10-11, indicates Holdup Alarm.
JCYC = Jackson County Youth Center
JSO = Jackson Sheriffs Office
K = Subject has been killed, typically used when referring to an accident scene
LG = Local Government (Channel)
MDC = Mobile Data Console
MDOP = Malicious Destruction of Property
ME = Medical Examiner
MIP = Minor in Possession (Alcohol)
MSP = Michigan State Police
OIC = Officer in Charge
PBT = Portable Breathalyzer Test
PDA = Property Damage Accident (Vehicle Accident w/o Injuries)
PI = Personal Injury Accident (Vehicle Accident w/injuries)
PPO = Personal Protection Order
PS = Public Safety
PSC = Property Security Check
RA = Armed Robbery
R&O = Resisting and Obstructing
UDAA = Unlawful Driving Away of Automobile
VCSA = Violation of Controlled Substances Act
Zero Tolerance = Label applied to repeat Offenders=Harsher Responses
Jackson Co MI - Map of Townships - http://bit.ly/1PCdCaG
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Jackson Co Public Safety Radio: http://bit.ly/2aSyGCv

Jackson County Master Scanner Frequency Lists: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?ctid=1264

A complete list of all known radio communications data for Jackson County, Mi