Jacquie Rogers' Pickle Barrel Bar and Books

Three Happy Pickles Banjo Band:
"Catch some suds/ and flirty looks
At the Pickle Barrel Bar/ there's loads of Books
With Western gals/ and good heart crooks.
So hoist 'em high/and have a crunch
Books and pickles/ for your lunch
Lots of romps/ and some law dodgers
From the pen/ of Jacquie Rogers."
(courtesy of the talented John Klawitter)

Jacquie Rogers' Pickle Barrel Bar and Books is a fun place for those who love books can hang out and share some fun times. We can talk about cowboys, dragons and faeries, or your pets. :) You'll find out about Jacquie's latest releases and be treated to sneak peeks no one else gets. And occasionally, we'll have a party, so put on your dancin' shoes!

Authors, please no BSP.