Japan Friendly Recipes


You MUST live in Japan to be apart of this group.

The reason why I made it a requirement for individuals to be in Japan because I want to keep it as focused as possible. It would be hard for people who have never lived or been to Japan, to understand what local markets are like and what ingredients are available. Special consideration for those who recently moved away from Japan or visit in-laws here often, can be made. Please message one of the administrators and let us know why you would like to join if you fall under special consideration.

This group is NOT for people just wanting Japanese recipes or promoting businesses with in Japan.

To join, please send a join request and leave a small note telling us where you live, i.e. 'I am living in Tokyo'<does not need to be specific>. **Requests with no note will not be approved for the group.** If you have added someone off your friends, please let adminastors know they live in Japan and would like to join.

Contact us through our facebook pages at:
We do check our other folders often.

Group discription:
Learning how to cook is difficult but than throw in being in a different country that doesn't have the same things from home makes it even more so.

That is why I wanted to make a group that will help moms/women or anyone here find and share recipes that can be made with the ingredients from local shops in Japan. Also share awesome food finds, like can soups from home, spieces, etc; and any websites that we can order foods from home.

It is ok to share or promote a food related business or blog from time to time. Please reframe from posting stuff for sale in this group.