Jessie's Girls!

Welcome to Jessie's Girls!!

I'm so excited to connect with each one of you here - thank you so much for trusting in me and following along with my coaching program. This is the Facebook page for ALL women following any of the Jessie's Girls Programs.

You will ONLY be added into this private group and be coached by Jessie Hilgenberg if you have purchased one of the Jessie's Girls training program e-books at JESSIEFITNESS.COM.

Examples of posts you can find here:

• Questions about any part of the program - exercises, how it is built, macros, supplements, etc.

• YOUR BEFORE & AFTER - and PROGRESS PHOTOS! I'm really excited about this one and will be checking in often to see how you're doing!

• supporting each other with positive messages, quotes, videos, etc.

This is a safe place to share your Jessie's Girls progress and journey - the group is private so only the people that own a Jessie's Girls program can see the posts here and join this group.

I am the only admin and will be checking in to answer as many questions as I can and to see how awesome you are doing!

Jessie Hilgenberg

If you HAVE purchased a Jessie's Girls e-book and did not get added, your Facebook name may not match your e-book order name - make sure to send an email to with your order number so I can add you!