Jet Li Fan Club

Welcome to JET LI FAN CLUB, an international social media community in which YOU the members can share your experiences and interests via meaningful postings and discussions. Please feel free to post pictures, videos, comments and add your friends to the group. Many thanks to all for your loyal following and support in what is sure to be THE coolest Jet Li fan group!

First of all, you are very lucky to stumble upon JET LI FAN CLUB, as we are mostly the biggerst Jet Li fan group on Facebook.

For those people who recognize Jet Li's greatness.

This group is about Jet Li and only Jet Li.

Jet Li Fan Club is a group were Jet Li fans around the world meet each others and share the same interest with each others.

Any and every post which advertises or promotes any other topic or cause no matter how worthy will be deleted and the perpetrator banned from the group.

Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with any of the administrator.