Jewelry for North Korea

In 2010, as I made the transition to begin a life in Seoul, God revealed to me the plight of North Korea and the condition of its citizens. Immediately I fell in love with a country divided, a land that harbors broken, beating hearts and cries out for a people that is not of its own to rise up and stand for freedom, until the day it comes.

This is, one woman's response to the situation, an attempt to turn God's love into a tangible cause that people can share and learn about, and support via prayer, finances. One day, a formal presence will transpire from this tinkering and planning, as a social enterprise with a missions mindset.

Currently, I create pieces as a form of worship unto Him. My times of jewelry-making intimate, as the Holy Spirit is my inspiration and guides the work of my heart and hands. The pieces are birthed out of of experiencing joy and communion from the process of artistic exploration. If you are interested in seeing some jewelry, gifting it to loved ones, or inviting me to an event, please contact:

The longterm vision seeks to bring people together to stand for artistic expression as a kingdom development tool.Through something as enjoyable as crafting, may the spiritual state of individuals, communities, and nations be transformed as creative freedom is rallied as an inherent right, having a purpose in society fore mostly, as worship unto the King and secondly, as a tool to grow and enrich the world.