Job Opportunities/ Career Advancement (El Paso/Las Cruces Area)

This group is for people in the El Paso/Las Cruces area looking ...for job opportunities or career advancement. This is a place for both employers and employees to share job listings or freelance work for hire. The purpose of this group is to bring people from this region together for a one stop resource for employment opportunities. Let's keep this professional and respectable or you will be removed and banned from the group.

Feel free to post your business cards on our wall if you are looking for work for hire jobs.

Also, feel free to add additional members to the group if you know of someone seeking a job or looking for employees for hire.

Thank you and good luck.

**If you are getting multiple invites to this group, we want to apologize in advance. If you were added to the group and left the group we shouldn't have the ability to add you again, but apparently there is something wrong with Facebook groups and some of our members are getting multiple invites. We have notified FB and are hoping to get this resolved soon. Until then, for those of you that are here, we encourage you to invite others that are looking for work or know employers looking for people to hire. If you do work for hire, feel free to post your business card. This page is for the good of the community and we would like to help those in need of a job.

Thank you for your patience & understanding