KAC - Atlanta

Korean American Coalition - Atlanta Chapter

2016 promises to be... a great year for KAC-Atlanta. The board of KAC-Atlanta is ready to take on the challenges of connecting with the local community and membership outreach. Please stay tuned to hear about the exciting things we have in store for this year.

We strive to continually promote Korean and Asian American heritages by offering numerous opportunities for cultural awareness, community involvement, social interaction and service. Whether you are longtime Georgia resident or new to the Atlanta area, KAC is the perfect avenue for community building and networking. KAC's membership consists mainly of 2nd generation Korean American professionals, born or raised in the United States who consider English as their first language. However, our membership is diverse and we welcome all individuals interested in the Korean culture!

Membership Overview
Membership is good for one year (Jan-Dec).
$20/student (undergraduate, masters, Ph.D. only)
$50/married couple