KL Tamil community (MTC)

'KL Tamil Community' Group belongs to Malaysia Tamil Community (...MTC).

KL Tamil Community Fb group has to work closely with the Advisor & Chief Administrator of MTC.

1st objective is to ask KL members to JOIN this group.

2nd Objective is to encourage the KL members to post any Education, Cultural, Welfare activities messages or issues at this group.

3rd Objective is to identify any unfortunate Tamils & Jobless Tamil Youths thru members living in KL.

*** Important Note: Members are NOT to post any sort of politics / religious messages unless it's related to Indian/Tamil Community. No meeting shall be conducted by the group or activities to be organised unless sponsored by a legal registered society and approval must be obtained from Advisor or Chief Admin of MTC.

Please visit http://www.MalaysiaTamilCommunity.com/