Kern River Valley - Road, Weather & News

Road Conditions, Weather, Fire & Emergency Conditions along with... current news and happenings that concern the Kern River Valley.

While there are other groups and we have no issue with any of them and are members ourselves, we felt it would be helpful to get all the info in one area and not have anyone banned or posts deleted for temporary insanity :o)

As we are a new group please feel free to add some of your local friends, family and contacts on your list so that more people can get the info that will be flowing through this new group. It would help promote and get the group noticed. As stated, we are not in competition with others, we only wish to have it all in one place form everyone who lives here and not some in one and someone else in another.

We also are open for Admins (just message me) and for local pictures to be used for the Group Photo. If you have a picture of the Valley you like, send ti to me and I will post it for a while. Eventually, depending on contributions, we may even have a submitted photo of the day!

Ideas and comments are welcome as I do not want this to be my group, but YOURS!!!