Kodi's Kraft Events

This event group is for all crafting events located in the United States. It is also for posting contests, giveaways, and for asking for likes.. please do not sell your products on this site.. we have other groups available for that

If you know of an event in your area, you should post the event immediately in our group, so everyone will have enough time to sign up for this event.


-- If you plan to post an event in this group, DO NOT invite the entire group. There is a little box you will need to uncheck, so the entire group won't get an invite.
-- When posting an event, remember that there are many different crafters, events, etc. being posted in this group, please make sure that you have the location of your event noted - CITY, STATE is required. And please post your event in appropriate state in the docs.


Contact the group link, if you have any questions. Admn. is not the event planner.

--MEMBERS-- If you click on the magnifying glass on the far right under the members Profile pictures, it will open a box where you will be able to type anything you would like to search for. For example if you type in Iowa, a screen will open up and you will be able to see everything that has the word Iowa in it. Click on it and see if that event will help.