Kinabalu Reds - Liverpool FC Supporters Fan Club

Welcome to Kinabalu Reds (KReds)!

We are a group of Liverpool FC fans based in Sabah (previously known as North Borneo) of Malaysia. We are in collaboration with Liverpool FC Supporters Hong Kong, Jamie Carragher’s 23 Foundation and Malaysia City Youth Academy.

We have our very own futsal and football teams such as KReds Bazooka Team, KReds Futsal Team & KReds Junior Team for leisure and gathering purposes. We have done, and are still carrying on with several charitable works such as blood donation campaign and fund raising & donation for the disabled, less fortunate members of society and victims of fire and calamities.

We welcome all LFC fans to join, but please note that this is a closed group; and we, the administrators (admins) of KReds have in place a filtering system to ensure that we get only genuine LFC supporters. Therefore, new applicants are advised to disable the privacy option of their FB account temporarily for us to perform our vetting; in order to prevent any non-LFC fans from joining in and destroying the harmony of KReds, and to also avoid unnecessary problems in the future should we discover that they are in for ulterior reasons.

We are not in the business of rejecting bona fide applications but to only scrutinize the background of those who wants to join, which is why we project every application on the wall for anyone to object or conversely to agree to allow them in. It would be helpful if the individual is supported or known personally by any existing members of KReds. Unknown individuals may not be accepted. Thank you.

Once you are a KReds member, please read through the following Terms & Conditions.

Any post that does not adhere to the condition stipulated below will be deleted without prior notification and warning.

Any members who infringe the T&C will be warned or and may even be removed from this group.

(A) The Do’s and Don’ts of using the KReds wall or chat room

1. There shall NOT be any personal rivalry here, as the Club is bigger than any individual.
2. Members are permitted to voice their opinion, but not to the extent that it becomes too personal, and it should be done in the best possible manner without any personal attacks on any of the other members.
3. Vulgar, sensitive and offensive words that touches on race/religious beliefs are strictly NOT allowed. Vulgar words should be censored or omitted if you have to express your feelings with such word.
4. We welcome constructive comments or suggestions, but NOT destructive or divisive criticisms.
5. KReds comprises of members who come from various ethnic and religious background and beliefs. Members are encouraged to respect each other’s sensitivities and beliefs. We would also like to remind members to be more careful in their choice of words as we would like to maintain the harmony of living in Malaysia, our beloved motherland, where the true spirit of multiracialism has long been our way of life.
6. Discussion on religion, race, politics, sex and any sensitive/offensive issues is strictly PROHIBITED. There is an exceptional case such as Justice for Suarez.
7. Do NOT post any explicit erotic and violent pictures on the wall.
8. Do NOT post anything concerning protest, violence and any other unlawful matters, which are against the law.
9. Members are welcome to post any LFC related matters; and any non-football related matters that are beneficial to all members but subject to the conditions stipulated in Item A: (1) to (8) above; and Item (B) below. We believe that “Sharing is Caring”.

(B) Official LFC and Warriors Merchandise

1. Promoting and selling of fake or imitation LFC and Warriors official merchandise on KReds wall is PROHIBITED.
2. Official LFC and Warriors merchandise means, merchandise produced by LFC kit manufacturer Warriors or anything under the license of LFC.
3. Members are DISCOURAGED from conducting sales of football related products in the chat room. Football related products may generally be referred to as, football kit like jerseys, shorts, stickers and other paraphernalia. Reason being that we, as admins of the chat room, do not want to be held responsible for any untoward situation should the merchandise be found to be fake or spurious in nature. LFC and Warriors may instruct Facebook to close any social groups found promoting and selling fake merchandise; and we can be subject to a lawsuit by LFC and Warriors on this matter.
4. If any official merchandise retailers are eager to promote their original official merchandise via KReds chat room, they are requested to contact the admins for further information and requirement.
5. All merchandise produced locally by KINABALU REDS are not considered counterfeit as it is an original design and not copied from LFC licensed product.
6. Members are encouraged, if they so desire to purchase or own football merchandise, to source it from reputable vendors through other chat rooms or websites.
7. Official LFC and Warriors merchandise can be purchased at or any other LFC official partners and retailers.
8. Please consult the admins if any members require any help in purchasing the official merchandise.

(C) Activities

1. If there are any activities to be organised by members where the name “KINABALU REDS” would be used, please kindly obtain the consent from KReds admins before conducting such activities.
2. During any match gathering, charity campaigns or any other activities organised by KReds; members are advised NOT to cause any disturbances or annoyances to other members and the public as well. Kindly respect each other and the public under the good names of KINABALU REDS and LIVERPOOL FC.
3. Members are advised to REFRAIN as much as possible from attending any match gatherings or activities organised by OTHER supporters groups unless with permission or through invitation only of the other groups.
4. In the event that any members attending any match gathering or activities of the other group (based on Item C: 3 above), no provocative attire or shirts shall be worn by them.
5. If there is any unfortunate and unhappy incident happening during these activities (as per Items C: 2 & 3 above), which are either organised by KReds or the other groups; KReds will not be held responsible for any untoward incidents should Items C: (2) to (4) above were not adhered to.

In pursuance of the noble aims of Kinabalu Reds, we have set these guidelines to be a member of Kinabalu Reds. As Liverpool FC fans, we are good human beings, we do not provoke, we respect each other; and we must always have good manners. This is a group where we share the same aspirations, i.e. to support LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB!!!

You’ll Never Walk Alone… any time… anywhere!