Ladies Offroad Network

We are in the process of re-branding GEM Offroad to the LADIES O...FFROAD NETWORK!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about the future. Whoooooop!!!

My Blunt Feelings: This online space is all about YOU and all Ladies that LOVE Offroad. It's not about me. I just happen to be the one that is willing to have a big party at my house. :) I have cleaned it up, I have games and snacks out, and will clean it up when everyone leaves and pay to replace everything that gets broken. I'm only the hub. Help me get every lady invited and involved!!! I want to post your stories, I want to post your pictures!

** We will be moving the majority of our posts over to our new GROUP PAGE. I want to make sure that everyone that wants to see our posts has the opportunity.

*** WHO IS "EVERY Lady that Loves Offroad"?
- Do you sit in the passenger seat, keep the kids contained and make p, b & j sandwiches so the family can go wheeling? YOUR IN! (This is my mom, btw, look how important you are!!!!!!)
- Do you like to sit in the passenger seat and take pics? YOUR IN!
- Do you like to drive? YOUR IN!
- Do you own your own offroad business, or something that assists? YOUR IN!
- Do you work in the industry and are climbing the ladder? YOUR IN!
- Do you own your own vehicle and love to get dirty? YOUR IN!
- Do you Race? YOUR IN!
- Wait, YOU WANT to do all of this, but haven't had the opportunity yet? YOUR IN!
...So pretty much you realize by now that if you are reading this, YOU ARE IN!!! ;)

- Are you part of another Ladies Group? Great! Let them know about us, we want ALL the Groups to know they are welcome here and lets work together on cool projects!! We are a National Network of amazing Offroad Ladies (Yes, YOU!)

- GUYS, yes, you can join us too - please be respectful that we are giving ladies a safe space to be. Please use your knowledge to help add valuable information, and of course help us spread the word. I wouldn't be "here" without quality time of so many amazing men that have helped me succeed!!

- The website is currently under construction, so don’t judge it just yet. This gives you some time to work on getting us a trail story from this year! Yes, I’m serious!

More to come!!
- Charlene :)