A global network to share ideas and information about Laos, Lao, people of Lao ancestry of all ethnic groups, and all things that affect them. We hope that through sharing of ideas and information, people of Lao ancestry of all ethnic groups all over the world whether labeled "Laonorks" or "Laonais", their friends and families, will learn to better understand and respect each other although they may not always agree. To allow members to network with each other, we will allow occasional postings about what they do. However, as a courtesy to other members who prefer not to be flooded/bombarded with commercials, we reserve the right to delete repeated commercials especially when they have nothing to do with the group. As a guideline, we define “occasional” to mean no more than one every other month. Postings of the same subject should be posted under the same thread. Postings that are not viewable to all members, will be removed without notice. For those of you who would like to share a posting of their friend but do not know the FB setting, you can copy the posting and re-post it at LAO. If it is a link, click on it, copy the original site address and post it at LAO! Although we believe in free speech, we ask that all members avoid personal attack against other member(s) and post responsibly as they are people of diverse ethnic groups, backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and political persuasions in this group. Please feel free to share in Lao, English, and/or French.