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GROUP ADMIN INFO Applicants for Employment (must read):

DO NOT... add these by using the GROUP Profile / Photo / ID FALSE, if violated SURE I will cancel the request you guys!.

- About GROUP: This is the PROVIDER GROUP ADMIN INFO. If you have questions, please contact PROVIDER Jobs!

- General Information:

Welcome to this GROUP Jobs. Here you can find / present business fields related to the job by getting info from me, chatting, and others. Posts that contain the Tribe, Religion, Race, Inter-Group / SPAM will I delete & blocked.

I am as ADMIN GROUP IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the accuracy of the content of the ad because I'm getting information from other parties that I put into this forum. Therefore request that all parties to be careful & be aware of actions that benefit one party.

Often I find about all the things that can frustrate job seekers get a job, therefore I suggest to you as ADMIN for:

1. Revisit your social networking activities (FB / FS / Twitter / and others) as Status, walls, Profile Info, Photos, and others. Do not have to post negative things such as those containing: Tribe, Religion, Race, Inter-Group, sex, drugs drugs, alcohol, violence, dirty words, criminal, luxury, and others. According to the survey, 90% of the Company refuses job applicants because of the above because then the company can know the personality of Prospective Applicants working from your social networking activities.

2. Shown as a humble person, however you are job seekers. You must be patient with the questions of the Company / Individual job providers. Do not let them post the negative about the treatment you are bad, you posted a negative 1x, have your reputation destroyed. Remember, you are a job seeker. Point out your positive personality.

3. Does not include the identity of a fictitious / counterfeit, such as: Photo, HP No, Address, Info Works, and others. I've come across a silly incident, a person within its ad requires a job as it is, but in His profile info he worked became a director in a five-star hotel. It is one thing that should be avoided. Do not write in all capital letters, except to reinforce your words & info from the Admin. There is a question to the Admin, Admin FAKE why his picture, well not so good at it anyway questioner. Admin act not as individuals, but as a Provider Info. with a picture like that, people will be able to guess what he meant to use the photo Admin. more precisely not a photograph, but the LOGO!.

4. I as an Admin with a firm reminder, if there is a question I tried to answer with a note I am not busy, your identity is clear, do not use Identity / Profiles / Photos false. do not let you add my FB Profile / Photo fake, I WILL ignore. I was warned not to post the comment in double / same. if you have questions regarding the job info, please confirm to PROVIDER FIELD WORK, not to me as PROVIDER GROUP INFO on this. GROUP I make this every time I SURE control, do not contain posts containing SCAM / MLM / like, if my immediate block there forever & do not join again!.

5. If you want to be contacted via inbox FB, change the settings of your message Send your message, to All People, with such companies / Individuals who want to send a message to you do not have to wait long because it has not become your FB friends. the main thing is Include Phone / Mobile GROUP wall you in, let the information can be obtained quickly. This incident is the most common & very silly. Hahahaha.

6. Just a note, I as an Admin FB GROUP This is an individual & my own doing. Treat me like you treat yourself.