Lebanon County, PA Just For Grown Ups!

Welcome to our group!

Our group was created to buy and sell our no longer wanted/needed items that are only for adults. We create it this way because we didn't want our members being overwhelmed by the constant, never ending flow of baby/children's items that are being posted. It does get annoying after a bit.
Our group is based out of Lebanon, PA. If you're not local, we have absolutely no problem with you wanting to join. But, you have to be willing to meet within a reasonable distance that's convenient for the local buyers/sellers. We're all adults here, so making arrangements shouldn't be a problem.
PLEASE, only comment on an item if you're truly interested. We've had some incidents in the past where people would comment on an item, then string someone along for a long period of time. That's unacceptable, and will result in being banned. We all know that stuff comes up, and sometimes you really can't help it. But, if there's a constant issue when trying to reschedule, you're going to be removed from the group.
Our "rules" are quite simple.
If you are making arrangements to meet with someone, please make sure to get an exact location of where you are supposed to meet them, a vehicle description, and a cellphone number. That way, if something comes up, the buyer/seller can communicate and reschedule a meet for another time. No one wants to sit and wait for someone that isn't planning on showing up. Keep the lines of communication open, and there SHOULDN'T be any issues.
If anyone should happen to ever encounter an issue, please let one of the admins know asap! We can't deal with the situation if we're not aware of what's going on :)
When posting, be sure to include a brief, detailed description of your item, and a legitimate photo. We really do not care what your item(s) looked like in the photo from the store's website. We want to see how it looks now!
***Include the current condition it's in, whether it comes from a home wIith animals or smoking, and your price that you're asking. Be respectful of people with tobacco or animal allergies. Be truthful about it!***
If you happen to comment on a photo that is off a website, and an admin isn't made aware of it, we will not be held responsible for any damage that is done to the item you decided to purchase, based on an online photo. If you see someone that has a photo from a website, PLEASE LET US KNOW SO WE CAN HANDLE IT!
That should do it for now. I'll probably think of something else later. If everyone follows our rules and is considerate of one another, we shouldn't have any issues. However, there are some adults that don't know how to act online. It's not rocket science!