Liberia History and Culture

The uplifting stories, struggles, and triumphs of the ethnic groups of Liberia have yet to be written and taught in our schools. As a result, many of us do not know our history. It is this lack of collective oneness that has been one of our major national problems, which has continued to suffocate our people and the development imperatives of our nation.

Liberians did not appear on the world stage yesterday(1822). We were not born in the ACS bosom neither did we emerge from dog-eared copies of European historical lenses. The Liberian people are a great and distinctive people of the world. Our people handy works derived from the great aquatic civilizations of the Khemit, Sudan, Kumba, Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Kanem Empires, etc.

Before 1822, there were the Bassa Kingdom; Belle (Kuwaa) Kingdom, Grebo Kingdom; Mende Kingdom, Krahn (Wee) Kingdom, Sapo Kingdom, Kpelle Kingdom, Kissi Kingdom, Prebo Kingdom, Gbii Kingdom, Via Kingdom, Dei (Dewion) Kingdom, Gio (Dahn) Kingdom, Loma Kingdom, Mandingo Kingdom, Mahn (Mano) Kingdom, and the Klao (Kru) kingdom in the area present day Liberia occupied. These traditional kingdoms were not founded by the signing of Western-like documents. They were formed consistent with their culture and tradition.