Politics is a very serious matter that can’t be left with politicians alone, while freedom is a constant fight. This is a non-violence group that focuses on safeguarding our country's (Liberia) future, including but not limited to the socioeconomic, political and educational advancement.

As part of the priority of this forum, the well-being of ourselves and our fellow compatriots is of paramount concern. We expect that members of this forum will freely discuss issues affecting the growth and development of our common patrimony, bearing in mind however that we all hold allegiance to the prosperity of our motherland.

The issues we discuss here will go a long way in re-molding the minds of the perverted, re-orientating those who see our political culture as a conduit for the sharing of the national "elephant meat". Serious issues will be discussed here and irrespective of who it affects, we hold no political allegiance to anyone, not to sing the song and dance to the drumbeat of the government, neither are we naive to fight a proxy political battle for opposition figures. Our interest is the general good of the public--the people!

Members are urged to refrain from using invectives and/or obscenities, insults and characterization or personal attacks in an attempt to discuss issues. We are aware that sometimes issues cannot easily be divorced from personality, but at the same time we do not want this forum to be used at a ground to attack one another and leaving the issues laying bare.

The rules of this forum are in development, but in case there are infractions and gross disregard to decency the administrators will quickly meet and take appropriate actions.

Absolutely, there will be no nude photographs allowed on this site. No one is allowed to post person photos that have nothing to do with issues, unless such personal photographs raises an issue of national concern. The exception though is death announcements.

We will encourage gender sensitivity.