Life Lovers of NCR

“Celebrate aloneness as well as togetherness.”

A closely-woven of like-minded people who enjoy every moment of being together, while also relishing the joys of being alone. We learn and grow together and at the same time, enjoy our personal space and freedom.

Everyone’s individuality and personal space are accepted and respected. Love, companionship, creativity, togetherness, adventure, brotherhood, fellowship are a few words that describe this divine commune. All the members of the group are interested in the transformation of their lives for the better. Being together makes the transformation a lot easier and fun.

Give rise to a new and real "Divine Human" in you whose feet are rooted into the earth and arms stretched to the sky, who accepts, loves and respects life in all its flavors, enjoys prosperity in outer world and is deeply rooted to inner being through Meditation and ‘Samadhi’. Make your life a total celebration. Don't believe us, "EXPERIENCE" life for yourself. Most events listed are FREE!!

We share LIFE! We share BLISS!