Lihir Islands, Papua New Guinea

Welcome to Lihir Islands,Papua New Guinea.

'The winds of change have brought the 'Aniokaka'(Ship) to shore at Landolam'.
The ' Peketon'(big wave) has hit our shores and its ripples have reached out far and beyond our land, to places never known by our forefathers'.
' We live in a time of excelarating change, where modernity collides with our age old customs and traditional way of life'.

This is a forum for intellectual debate on issues affecting our lovely island group.

As a member, Please adhere to the following rules :

1. No personal attacks on members
2. No regionalism/racism/gender - based abuse.
3.Some bit of fun but not too much
4.No intimidation, and abuse of member(s) by interest groups/individuals.
5.No advertising for commercial purposes on this forum
6. No trolls and use of pen/ nick names. People who cannot be easily identified will be removed from the forum.

God Bless Lihir Islands and her people.