Like 4 LIKE FB & YouTube.

Hello Friends!

Like4Like FB & YouTube is a public group, create...d to help FB pages grow through liking each others pages! It is also a place SHARE your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube etc. page for EXCHANGE LIKE,
1. Join the Group
2. Add all your fb friends to this group
>>> Post your page >>> Return LIKE for each page like you get
and / or.
>>> LIKE other page >>> Comments under that pages
*** Send message to page or person, if you do not get your like return.

* NO PORN, Please!!! If you post something pornographic or Video, it will be deleted, and you will be removed and blocked forever. This isn't baseball,
* NO Spamming, or posting the same thing several times on the original post.
* NO LIES.. NO UNLIKES.. ONLY LIKES, all Active Likers are welcome. No Haters, No Spammers, No Cheaters, No Unlikers, No bad/negative comments, No pornography.
* Please respect every member's post, Please report any member that may violate any rules.

Please Respect these rules & Keep on Liking!