Likes4Likes Viral Ladder

LIKE LADDER VIRAL - PAGES & GROUP RULES: Post your FACEBOOK Grou...p or Fan Page for LIKES! Like other pages in the ladder and then post YOUR FAN PAGE OR GROUP in the comment box at the end of the ladder. ***Don't like too many pages in one day or FB can block you! Obey all warnings from them!*** FAN PAGES and GROUPS ONLY! NO PICTURES! You will be deleted on FIRST offense so don't bother.No porn or inappropriate posts. Violators will be banned. Do NOT break Facebook rules! Please ALSO ADD AT LEAST 3 PEOPLE from your friends list who you think may enjoy the group. Help us build our community together and this way when you post a Facebook page, it will get tons of likes immediately! Please share us! We have added some of our LIKE4LIKE groups below if interested. Thanks!