Homecoming Kings & Queens of Texas A&M University-Commerce/Old ET

This group is being created to bring together the current and all past HC Kings and Queens from TAMU-Commerce.

It is my dream that we will become a united team that will aid in revitalizing HC at TAMU-Commerce and also find ways to help in the overall advancement of the school. We are legacies and should make our mark on the campus. This will be more achievable and significant if we work together than as individuals.

Ideas for Short term goals - 2.5 weeks: HC 2012
Get as many Kings & Queens involved with the group or through other media and encourage them to attend the HC celebrations (Oct. 17-22), especially on the 21st and 22nd so that we may be recognized, be involved in the festivities, and have a forum as well (similar to organizations, departments etc).
Research and revive at least one HC tradition (whatever is quickest to implement)

Ideas for Long term goals:
Award scholarships to HC Kings & Queens at Homecoming (could be started HC 2012)
Have a display in the Students Center or Alumni Center with HC Kings & Queens
Sponsor a fund in the name of HC Kings & Queens to be used as we see fit, but managed by the TAMU-C Alumni Association
Be mentors for the HC planning committees and candidates
Play significant roles through semesterly and annual meetings and develop strategies to aid the university with their quality improvement plans

Please invite all past and present Kings and Queens who I may not be friends with or is unknown to me and ask them to join this group stating what year they were crowned. We should be able to go all the way back to 1889 or whenever homecoming started because we must remember who crowned us.

Continue to be royal in all that you do. GO LIONS!

2013: Vincent Phillips & Latrice Owen
2012: Harold Brown & Haley Mull
2011: Esteban Arriola & Jordan McCarty
2010: Phillip London & Danna Dougan
2009: Sean Alexander & Destiny Tolbert
2008: Shawn Newton & Lacy Alexander
2007: Kentrel Phillips & Bridgette Miles
2006: Cason Taylor & Andi Bearden
2005: Jason Williams & Michelle Wentzel
2004: Omar Brown & Mella Lopez
2003: Adrian Brown & Marlonda Malcolm
2002: ? & Candace Minor
2001: Jeroski Jason &
2000: Adonis Skinner & Ulana Sigler
1997: & Letitia Jones
1995: & Demetrius Lee
1994: & Shatonya Brooks
1993: & Camika Spencer
1992: & Christa Walker-Bayson
1987: & Amy Floyd Garrett
1983: & Onita Helton
1979: & Donna Moore
1978: & Sheryl Northcutt Harrison
1976: Ginger (Mills) Burk & Juna Jones Moore
1972: & Debra Robinson Cuffee
1971: & Lillie E. Holman Williams