Circus Society, Liverpool University

Liverpool University's Circus Society welcomes ALL (not just students) that are interested in all things Circus skills related. So if you are interested in Poi, Juggling, Unicycle, Staff, Devil Sticks, Diabolo, Stilts, Hula-Hooping or anything else circus related (excluding Clowns, no offence to them or anything but it's purely circus skills) JOIN OUR SOCIETY :D

The objective of the society is for a group of people who are interested in circus skills to meet up and discuss circus tricks and basically mess about, meet new people, have a laugh and learn something new!

First meeting of the year will be on Thursday 26th September 2013!
We are in the McAusland Lounge at the top of the Guild every Thursday from 7-9pm for this first semester! Then on to the AJ for generic merriment afterwards! If we have a room swap this semester then I will make you all aware of where we have been moved to as soon as I know!

We welcome EVERYONE to our society, so if you want to learn or develop your circus skills then join our society!


Mini-site: (Though this page is probably best for information!)

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