m¡rch¡ g¡rlx v/s patakha b0yx

Welc0m to 0ur gr0up.
m¡rch¡ g¡rlx v/s patakha b0yx
1.Stay as a family here..
(we don't need members who can not respect there fellow members)✔
▬►2. If You Send A Private Message or Friend request To Any Member And He/She Complains... You Will Be Kicked At Once...
(Why would you send PM to Strangers when you may have a chat here...?? (Height of Tharakpan )✔√
▬►3. Posting And Commenting "Add me/Follow me" is strictly not allowed...
(If you are worth it... People will Add/Follow you )✔
▬►4. Posting Contact Numbers/Nude Pics & pogo Comments Is Strictly Prohibited...
(Why would you do that...?? This is neither a Dating Group nor Modeling)✔
▬►5. If You Don't wanna Talk To Any Member... Tell Him Politely... If He/She Doesn't Stop Talking To You... Just Tag Admin There Instead Of Fighting...
(I don't like Cheap People )✔
▬►6. No Misbehaving Harsh/Abusive Words, insult, personal Attacks and No Shortcuts of Abusive Words...is Not Allowed....
(If you can't live without abusing then you can't live here )✔
▬►7. Promotion Of Groups And Pages Is Not Allowed... If You Want To Advertise Something You May Do That Without Posting Link Of Any Group/Page strictly Banned...
(We don't want Beggars in this Group who Beg for Likes )✔
▬►8. Arguing Continuously And Not Obeying The Admin May Lead You To Permanent Ban...
(We Work Hard to keep the Group Neat & Clean & We Just expect Respect in return )✔
Thanx for your time... •♥•
Enjoy....!!! •♥•
P.S: Admins Can Do Anything & If You Have A Problem You Are Always Allowed To Leave The Group....!!! •♥•
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